Información importante/ Fundamental Information

Shipping Spain, Islands and Andorra:

Ordinary shipments have no tracking number. They are the most economical option so they are envelopes that are sent through the parcel delivery company Correos. Our company is responsible for sending orders, but if for any reason outside of us the orders do not arrive, please contact us via email

You can comment or ask us about the status of your order and we will keep you informed.

Certified shipments have a supplement of € 4 as they are the postal rates. They contain a tracking number with which you can always know where your order is. Certified mail is 100% secure and faster.

Shipments to these places usually take 5-20 working days on average. The custom covers 2-3 weeks because they must be created.

Shipping Europe:

Shipments are made from Spain through Spain. They have no tracking number since it is ordinary mail. If there is any problem or delay with your order, please contact us via email;

If you want the order to be sent with registered mail, with tracking number, please tell us, it is € 5 in total.

Shipments to Europe usually take 3-15 days, depending on your country of residence. You can contact us at any time for additional information.

European Shipping:

We send all of our packages through Correos Spain. The packages do not have a shipping number. In case you want a shipping number we would have to send it with the certificate option which costs € 5 in total. Please contact us if you desire your package to be sent this way.

European shipping tends to take about 3-15 days, it depends on your country and city of residence. In case you have any problems with your package please contact us in:

Shipping to the rest of the world:

Shipments to other countries that are not in the European Union are sent from the warehouse closest to the destination. Shipments are made through the most popular company in your country. For example, if you live in Argentina it will be through Argentina Economy, if you reside in China it will be done through e-packet, etc.

All shipments to the rest of the world have tracking number. They cost € 4.

They usually take between a week and a month, depending on the country and city of residence. In case the package is lost, the shipment can be requested once more (this is free) or the refund.

In case there are problems with the shipment, contact us through

Rest of the world Shipping:

This shipping has a tracking number, which will be added to your order a couple of days after the order has been placed. It costs € 4 in total.

Shipping takes about 1-4 weeks depending on your country and city of residence. In case you don't know where your package is or it is tacking too long to arrive you can contact us at:

In case the package has been lost we'll send you another one completely for free, or you can ask for a refund.

You'll be able to locate your package at all times.

We send the packages from our warehouses which are closer to your location. We send them with the most popular shipping brand of your country, for example, if you live in Argentina we'll send it with Argentina Economy, if you live in China with e-packet, etc.

For more information contact us.

What happens if my order does not arrive?

If it has been more than six weeks since the request for your order, please contact us to review the information and data.

We ask you, please. Check all the data and information that you have put on the website, since we cannot be held responsible if any of your data has been wrong or wrong. If this happens, we cannot give you a refund.

In case three months or more have passed since your order has been sent you can request a refund by contacting our email.

What if my package does not arrive?

If four months went by and you still haven't received your package you can ask for a refund by contacting us through mail:

We beg you to always revise and re-check your name and address. We can't be responsible in case you've written incorrectly your name or address. In that case, the refund won't be possible.


We ask you to keep calm at all times. Delays can always occur that are not pleasant for anyone, not for us or for the client. Our priority is and always will be customers, but in the case that we use language that disrespects us in any way we can continue to provide our help as it goes against our principles. We will have no choice but to cut off the communication.

We always have a solution for any problem, and any situation can be solved with dialogue and calm.


We know that there could always be an uncomfortable situation, but we ask you to be patient and respectful, as we really care about every one of our clients and we'll have solutions for everything.

In case we notice a lack of respect on our costumers we'll have no choice but to cut the contact with them as we are always kind and respectful and there is always going to be a coherent solution for all problems.

Returns & Exchanges:

If you want to change an item you can do it for the following reasons;

The product was not to your liking.

The color or model is the wrong one.

The product is not as expected.

The product is broken or damaged.

If you want to change the product you have 14 days to do so, the customer will pay the shipping costs to send the product back to our company.

Products with specific requirements and created especially for each customer, that is, those that are customizable, cannot be changed or returned since it is a unique item that we create from scratch for each customer, so it is always necessary to verify the information provided At the time of ordering to avoid mistakes.

If you wish to return an item and request a refund, it may be requested in the following situations;

The product has arrived broken or damaged.

The product is of a different model than requested.

Changes or returns can be made up to 14 days after receipt of the order. In the case of silicone covers they cannot have been opened because we sell them closed, so in this case a return would not be accepted.

Changes and refunds:

You can ask for a change or refund of an article in case you haven't opened the package in a period of 14 days. The shipping charges will be paid by the client.

You can ask for a refund of change only in case the article was not as described or it has been broken or damaged during shipping.

Spain Post

We depend on emails to make shipments. We cannot guarantee receipt of ordinary shipments because they do not have a tracking number. Correos works as an independent entity to Case in a Box, so if an order is requested as a regular shipment we will not be able to make a refund of the amount or resend the product if it is not received.

In most cases, if one has not been at home, the package will be at the post office closest to your home. To pick up the package, simply submit your data to the mail clerk.

At any time you can ask for the photo of the envelope where your products are found or the proof of delivery in case you need to see it.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to inform himself about the status of his order in the mail, although at any time he can be contacted for more information.

If the package is sent to the buyer and it does not pick up the mail, the package could be returned to the sender, but this statement is not completely secure since it depends on the postal services, which may not send the package back or could misplace it

In case the package was returned to the sender in order to receive the buyer their products would have to pay the amount of money required to send it ordinary or pay for a certified shipment.

In case the package was returned it will NOT be sent free of charge for the second time.

In case the package was returned, no returns are accepted since it was because of the buyer who did not want to receive the package the first time.